How to Squash Your Fear Instantly With Charles F Haanel

Fear is something that must be destroyed.Fear leads to the mental dissipation that will return to you the things that you do not want instead of the things that you do.In the book Master Key Arcana, Charles F. Haanel explained a method by which you can squash fear if you begin to feel it. Here is that method.Fear is an emotion. It is consequently not amenable to reason. You may therefore fear your friends as well as your enemies or fear the present and past as well as the future. If fear attacks you, it must be destroyed.You will be interested in knowing how to accomplish this. Reason will not help you at all, because fear is a subconscious thought — a product of the emotion. There must then be some other way.

The way is to awaken the Solar Plexus. Get it into action. If you have practiced deep breathing, then you can expand the abdomen to the limit. That is the first thing to do. Hold this breath for a second or two, then still holding it, draw in more air and carry it to the upper chest and draw in the abdomen.This effort flushes the face red. Hold this breath also for a second or two and then, still holding your breath, deflate the chest and expand the abdomen again. Do not exhale this breath at all, but, still holding it, alternately expand the abdomen and chest rapidly some four or five times. Then exhale. The fear is gone.If the fear does not leave you at once, repeat the process until it does.Practice this when you feel any amount of fear. As some like to say…… “Nip it in the bud!”(To learn more about deep breathing and the positive effects it can have, read Charles F. Haanel’s amazing book The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi.)As you utilize this simple technique, you will become like the guitarist Steve Vai who said…
“I am fearless in my heart.
They will always see that in my eyes!
I am the passion;
I am the warfare.
I will never stop.
Always constant, accurate, and intense.”

When you master your fear, you will become unstoppable.Because fear is the only thing that keeps you from moving forward and attaining that which you desire.Squash your fear!Move forward boldly!Attain your dreams!You can…… you will…… you are…… because you are the Master Key!–People like you who are bold and brave are that way because they read great books.